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Are you ready for logo design, Austin? The following sections explain exactly what you get when you order a logo design in Austin.

Logo Consulting

X8 logo design packages include professional consulting by a marketing psychology major and industry leader. First and foremost, your clients see your logo design Austin. First impressions are everything! Let us show you exactly how it’s done!

6-8 Custom Logo Concepts

We start with 6-8 logo concepts all created by different designers so you don’t get the same logo design each time. Our Texas based Design Team creates 6-8 unique designs so you have a variety to choose from. Mix and match or chisel down to the perfect logo design Austin!

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited Revisions means Unlimited Revisions with your logo design Austin! Even if you don’t like the initial concepts, we’ll start from scratch and run another set of concepts for you!

Full Logo Package

With X8 logo design Austin, you don’t just get a logo. You get a professional branding package. Our Texan design team tailor-makes a custom package just for you. We don’t wait until you need a certain file type or font and then charge you for it. We get you going full steam ahead with every file type, font file, and color codes needed for your business to be marketed professionally. Whether you’re printing business cards, promotional t-shirts, or putting up billboards, you’ll have everything you need!

Mix and Match Designs

We offer multiple logo designs Austin. That means you can mix and match your favorite design elements. See a font you like but not the color? Our process allows you to funnel design options to the very end so that you absolutely love your new logo design!

Full Copyright Transfer

You fully own your logo design Austin! We provide FULL COPYRIGHT TRANSFER! Most designers secretly retain the rights to their designs in hope that they can piggyback on your hard work. Even if you don’t end up going with us for logo design Austin, then at least make sure all the terms of copyright transfer are negotiated before you start your logo design.

A Variety of Logo File Types

When you choose X8 for your logo design Austin, we don’t charge you for each file type like most marketing firms do. You can use your design across all platforms effectively and seamlessly!

Our logo packages include the following file types:

  • JPG files – The timeless .JPG file extension is used across every platform whether it’s on your website, social media, or email template. When in doubt, .JPG is the way to go!
  • PNG files – Need to resize your logo design Austin? Whether for a large print advertisement, or a tiny image on an email signature, PNG will resize without distortion and often have a transparent background. 
  • Icons and other file types – We also include .PDF for print, TIF, and .ico(icons) for your logo design Austin.
  • Vector files – Many marketing and design firms will omit this very important file type until you need it. Then they’ll charge you an arm and a leg for it because they know how necessary it is. Vector files, although tricky, are the best because they’re built to allow you to enlarge or minimize without distorting your logo design Austin. The tight edges will remain crisp, clean, and clear. That means whether you’re printing on a promotional item like a coffee cup, or submitting a template for a billboard, the vector file always reigns King and will be the most requested file type of your logo design Austin.

48-Hour Turnaround

The majority of our initial logo designs are available within 48 hours of payment. We’ve seen other marketing and logo design firms take weeks for an initial concept turnaround. This is usually done to put you in a state of complacency when it comes to accepting sub par design elements. But at X8, we know that the success of our business is reliant upon the success of your business!

Our Logo Design Process

X8’s process includes loads of perks like unlimited revisions, full copyright transfer, professional consulting, and one of the quickest turnarounds in the industry. With unlimited revisions there’s no reason not to try us for your logo design Austin!

Step 1

First, the X8 logo design creates a set of 6-8 initial concepts to choose from.

Logo Design Austin

Step 2

Next, our clients can either choose one of the initial concepts, restart from scratch, or mix and match elements to create your perfect logo design, Austin!

Logo Design Austin

Step 3

When our client’s are absolutely in love with their chiseled concept, we create their final logo design package. This package comes complete with fonts, files, color codes and a variety of file types so their logos are ready for any platform necessary.

Logo Design Austin