JC Merchant Management

Our client JC Merchant Management says that their company culture is simple – they feel blessed to bless others. With a variety of merchant management services available for business owners to choose from, JC Merchant Management strives to set themselves apart by helping others with a servant’s heart. They believe in integrity and transparency, striving to keep lines of communication open to resolve any issues that their clients may face.  Clients love working with JC Merchant Management, saying that the JCMM team is the friendliest they’ve ever encountered.

The JC Merchant Management had our team create two different logo versions for them – a full version, and then a shortened version, so that they have multiple options to work with for their marketing needs.  We created a website for JCMM that showcases the products and services that they have to offer, and the site is catered toward lead generation so that they can build their client base through their website.  We also created and integrated a variety of different forms that they’re able to utilize for their referral program and to allow clients to start their application process directly on the website.