Majestic Hill Country Pools

Our client James is the owner and founder of Majestic Hill Country Pools, a custom pool building company that services Fredericksburg and hill country in Texas.  Majestic Hill Country Pools specializes in building custom inground gunnite pools, arguably the most durable, long-lasting, and customizable pool option on the market.  Focusing on the small details that make a huge difference is crucial to James and his team.  James also hand-creates drawings for pool builds, and then creates full-color 3D renderings of project plans so that his clients can envision exactly how their finished pool will look when it’s completed.

The website that we created for Majestic Hill Country Pools is crisp, clean, and lets the beautiful pool images we included throughout really shine.  We made it easy for visitors to contact the Majestic Hill Country Pools team by including their contact info directly in the site’s top navigation – this way, no matter where a visitor has navigated around the site, they can call or email Majestic Hill Country Pools with a single click. 

We also did full search engine optimization (SEO) on the site, so that the Majestic team can build their customer base further through search engine queries.