Your Path Ahead Coaching

Gabrielle Jassie is a life coach and founder of Your Path Ahead Coaching.  She serves her clients by helping them find their own superpower to facilitate positive change in their lives.  Gabrielle specializes in spiritual coaching, stress management coaching, health and wellness coaching, and career advising and approaches coaching with a warm approach for transformational change.  Her coaching business is specifically for disabled women ages 20-40+, and Gabrielle loves to work with clients as they forge their own path toward their life goals.

When Gabrielle came to us looking for a website for her life coaching business, she knew that she needed a website that could showcase the services that she offers, educate visitors on what life coaching looks like, and provide a way for potential clients to get in contact with her.  She had an existing logo, but decided to have our team create a fresh new logo to celebrate the launch of her new website, too.  After providing Gabrielle with a variety of logo concepts based on her preferences to choose from, we built a clean, easy-to-navigate site for Your Path Ahead, making sure that the option for visitors to reach out to Gabrielle is accessible at any point as they navigate her website.