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Custom Branding Logo Package – $499

Ready to work with a Texas logo designer?  Our logo design packages include the following:

Logo Consulting

All of our logo packages include logo consulting from a marketing psychology professional.  Your logo may well be what potential customers see first, and our team of Texas logo designers can help you make an unforgettable first impression.

6-8 Custom & Unique Logo Concepts

Each of our logo concepts is created by a different designer.  We create our logo concepts this way so that you have a variety of concepts from different creative minds to choose from.

Unlimited Revisions

Not only do you get unlimited revisions until your logo is perfect, if you don’t like the initial concepts that our Texas logo designers create for you, we offer up to two total redraws!

Mix and Match Designs

When reviewing the logo concepts that our team creates for you, you can mix and match elements from different logo concepts.  For example, you can combine fonts from one concept, colors from a second concept, the layout of a third concept, and so on.

Full Copyright Transfer

We provide full copyright transfer to you when your logo is done – you own your logo when it’s completed!  Some designers retain the rights to your logo, essentially leasing it to you to use.  Our packages don’t work that way; your logo is yours forever and we retain no rights to it.

Full Logo Package

You don’t just get one file for your logo when it’s finished – you get a full, professional branding package!  Our Texas logo designers create a custom logo package just for you, which includes branding guidelines, fonts, color codes and vector files and a variety of other file types so that you can use your logo however you need.  You’ll be able to use your logo on your business cards, print it on t-shirts, upload to your social media accounts, or even on a vehicle wrap.

A Variety of Logo File Types

Our logo packages don’t just include one or two file types – we make sure that you’re set up with what you need to use your new logo in countless ways for years to come.

Our logo packages include the following file types:

  • JPG files –You’ll need a JPG file for a variety of web uses.  If you don’t need a transparent background behind your logo, this is where a JPG comes in handy.
  • PNG files –Say you want to lay your logo over a background (maybe on a flyer for a promotional event you’re planning).  You’ll want to use a PNG file for this purpose, since it will have a transparent background.
  • Icons and other file types – We include PDF files and TIF files, plus icon files (if you logo includes an icon).  This allows you to use your logo in a variety of different ways.
  • Vector files – This one is super important! Have you ever tried to enlarge an image you’ve found online and found that the image ended up blurry and pixelated?  This is what happens when you try to enlarge a small image.  Vector files are so great because they’re built to allow you to increase or decrease the size however you need to.  It’s still stay crisp, clean and clear no matter the size.  This means that you can use the vector file on a billboard, a t-shirt, a coffee mug or a pen and it’ll look great, no matter the size.
48-Hour Turnaround

For most projects, concepts will be available within 48 hours.  No need to wait weeks on end to see your concepts – we’ve got your back!

More of our recent logo design projects

Here’s a small sampling of the hundreds of logos our team of Texas logo designers has created and cleaned up for customers from across the United States in a multitude of industries.

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